Welcome to the McIntosh County Office of the Sheriff Website

Our Vision:

“To enhance the quality of life of those we serve by providing optimal public safety services with the commitment to the highest standards of excellence, professionalism and integrity.”

Our Mission:

The mission of the McIntosh County Sheriff’s Office is to establish a safe and secure environment for all those who invest in our historical community. We will accomplish this goal by promoting and fostering the aggressive enforcement of law and order in a fair and impartial manner, by protecting individual rights, life, and property, by focusing on reducing crime and maintaining livable neighborhoods, and by developing partnerships that benefit the needs of our citizens.

Our Beliefs:

  • We believe in the preserving the civil rights and liberties established by our founding fathers.
  • We believe in providing high quality customer service to our citizens, and the visitors of our community, without regard to race, color, age, sexual orientation, religion, gender, or economic status.
  • We believe in our core values: honesty, fairness, respect, caring, courtesy, and compassion for others.
  • We believe in ethical and moral conduct by all members of our department.
  • We believe in properly serving civil processes, orders and subpoenas issued through our courts.
  • We believe “Good government is wise, brave, temperate and just” (Plato).
  • We believe in operating an efficient detention center providing for the safety and security of our staff and inmates.
  • We believe in empowering victims of crimes and providing them with the services they need to regain hope in their lives.
  • We believe in properly executing criminal warrants issued through our courts.
  • We believe in teamwork, innovation, and continuous improvement of our department and development of our staff. We believe in aggressive enforcement of the law, and the apprehension and detention of those who violate the laws of the State of Georgia and the ordinances of McIntosh County.

12317 Georgia Hwy 251| Darien, Georgia 31305 | Telephone: 912.437.5870 | FAX: 912.437.2358